Hi! My name is Lindsay, I'm based out of Vancouver, BC, and I draw stuff.

I illustrate for a bimonthly original queer zine called Shousetsu Bang*Bang as well as doing my own fan art and private commissions. I'm also a certificate student at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Other than art, I'm a nerd for video and tabletop roleplaying games, maps, and cooking shows.

I'm available for illustration work, especially for fantastical settings. I'm particularly on the lookout for queer, feminist, of-colour, body-positive, sex-positive, cheerfully vulgar and other trope-defying projects.

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Daenerys, or at least my imagining of her, finally risen from the ashes of last June’s hard drive failure. With the new season starting, I finally worked up the gumption to recreate it using low-res lineart I had posted to Twitter.

If you’re local to Vancouver, you can pick up a print of this (and so, so many more) at FanExpo this weekend!

Breaking from my regularly scheduled programming of gay kissing fanart, I just want to let folks know that I’ve started a new blog, Hapa Eats, about my family’s eclectic eating habits. Hapa is a Hawaiian word for someone who is biracial; we’re a mixed family and our diets definitely show it.

I’ve recently started auditing my cooking to become more healthy, organized, and efficient. This blog is a way to help me do that, but I also really like sharing amazing food photography and recipes, so I thought I’d just like to let everyone know in case they want to follow too!

How Baby #4: Sleep Deprivation

There’s this show on Baby TV called Hungry Henry, and it’s about this Mexican cat who tries to order food but the restaurant is always out of the thing he orders.

But when you’re sleep deprived, sometimes your mind just hears things that… aren’t actually real?

Drawin’ Shinji/Kaworu like it’s 1999, because some ships sail forever.

Drawin’ Shinji/Kaworu like it’s 1999, because some ships sail forever.

I’m just about to get on the road to travel down to Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con! I’m so excited! It’ll be my first time there and I don’t know what to expect but man, I am so pumped.

I’ll be at table Z-11 in the Artist Alley all weekend, along with Mr. Chaos and Kiyomi (chaoskiyomi?), who you might know from the comic strips I’ve been posting. If you buy a print from my table, let me know you’re from Tumblr and I will throw buttons at you!

Also, don’t forget to pick up your copy of Monsters and Dames, the art book for charity. If you bring it by my table, I’ll sign it for you and stuff. :)


I have feelings about television this week, so I had to draw something to help me process all these feels. Two big character deaths, including one that sunders my OTP forever. And they BOTH taste like fridge.

Current mood: legitimately upset about the deaths of fictional characters.

An illustration I did for The Frying Pan Into, a story about lady chefs fuckin’ in a walk-in cooler. It appeared in the annual lesbian issue of Shousetsu Bang*Bang, a bimonthly fiction zine in the style of shonen-ai manga — simple little stories about boys (and sometimes girls) falling in love and living happily ever after.

It’s unfair how much I love this little troll. She’s so smart.

#3 of my comic How Baby, which is totally a thing I’m doing now. Yay! Thanks for reading. :)



HELLOOOOOOO POSSUMS! it’s that time of the year again!

For the FIRST TIME EVER, I’m going to be exhibiting at Emerald City Comicon!.

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Gonna piggyback on Jak’s awesome map here to say that I’m going to be literally RIGHT BESIDE HER, at Table Z-11 at ECCC. I am working on my epic brofists (none is mightier than she, it is true) but I’ll be just as excited to see you if you stop by and say hello!

Jak and I are also going to be published in Monsters and Dames, ECCC’s annual art book for charity! They have a very limited stock and are only sold at the show, so please go get yours early and be sure to stop by if you want signatures!

Did a quick sketch of my husband’s Warcraft character, Joreh. He’s been wanting me to do one for a while, and I finally was like OKAY LET’S DO THIS THING. I realize now that it kind of looks like him, haha whoops. What can I say, I like drawing attractive men.