Hi! My name is Lindsay, I'm based out of Vancouver, BC, and I draw stuff.

I'm available for illustration work and commissions. I'm particularly on the lookout for queer, feminist, of-colour, body-positive, sex-positive, cheerfully vulgar and other trope-defying projects.

This last weekend we were at MiniComi 2013, which for my husband and I marked one year of attending Artist Alleys at the various local (and some not local) cons. It’s been a crazy year for us, but super fun, and I’ve met so many awesome people through doing cons. It’s also kept me honest, and forced me to keep drawing, keep improving, keep discovering new things so I have new prints to bring to every con.

(I also got better at posing for pictures, as you can tell…?)

So this is a thanks to everyone who’s come out to see us at cons, all the organizers that have worked tirelessly (and mostly for free!) to organize the venues, everyone who’s bought a print or a pin or a necklace, or just stopped by to say they liked my art. It really means a lot to me to be a part of such a creative and ever-changing community.

Also cool has been the reaction to our contribution to the larger Costumes are Not Consent movement. It’s been heartening, and sometimes very funny, to see how people react to our signs. The best thing has been seeing the groundswell of support from the cons and organizers, particularly Troy at Anime Evolution, who have started making an extra effort to keep cons a safe space for everyone.

This next year will bring a lot of changes for us, or at least one big one: Baby Chaos is due in August, so soon we’ll be raising a little con baby of our own. It’ll be a little harder to do cons, but the con experience has been so amazing that there’s no way we’re going to stop!

So, thanks for everything! Here’s to another year!

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